We welcome players from all over the world at SHOQ Tennis Academy.

We offer full-time boarding and visa assistance for all international tennis students. Our international students obtain their I-20 STUDENT VISAS from the Anaheim Discovery School, a private school located in nearby Anaheim. ADCS has ESL as well as a full curriculum of college preparatory and NCAA–approved coursework.


• ELITE TENNIS TRAINING: Individualized Training Plans, Private Lessons (included), Tournament Circuit & Coaching, Mental Training, and Practice Matches.
• US COLLEGE TENNIS: Ivy League, Pac-12, SEC, ACC or D2/D3 College Exposure, College Selection, Tournament Schedule Review.
• VISA ASSISTANCE: I-20 Visa, ON-SITE ACADEMICS, ESL, SAT & ACT Prep, Housing and 24-hour Supervision.



Players are assigned to a Director or Academy Head Coach as their primary coach for private instruction. MORE INFO >>


Sessions include technique, movement, tactical, and shot selection drills. FULL-TIME | PART-TIME >>


Our competition practice includes – UTR ladders, team match play, and situational points. MORE INFO >>


Sessions include flexibility for injury prevention, agility, balance, strength, and speed training. MORE INFO >>


Individualized instruction, program coordination, and student accountability will be our primary focus. MORE INFO >>


SoCal has every tournament level available – Open, National, ITF, WTA, ATP, and UTR tournaments. MORE INFO >>


On a path to a college or the pro tour, our fully custom plans are available for personalized training. MORE INFO >>


Players are invited to get the full camp experience in our supervised On-Site Boarding condos. MORE INFO >>

CAREER PATHS: SHOQ players choose a career path within the two main destinations, College and Professional. SHOQ offers training for both paths, including college recruiting services.


The SHOQ PATH-TO-COLLEGE >> tennis program is for players who attend independent/online academic programs and traditional high schools playing Junior Open to National tournaments. Players in this Path-to-College tennis program are typically ages 10-22, with the program customized for the specific needs of each player.

INCLUDES: Customizable Programs, College placement, Private instruction, Fitness, Tournament Team, Mental Toughness Training, Parent Manager Training.


Our PATH-TO-PRO >> program involves systematic training designed by KEVIN JACKSON >>. The player roster is limited to 4-6 players. Players are typically ages 12-30 years with 5 to 7 years playing experience and are competing in National to ITF tournaments.

INCLUDES: Private instruction, Fitness, Tournament Team, Mental Toughness Training, Parent Manager Training.

Path Training Info >>

The Academy Learning Center

The Academy Learning Center at SHOQ Tennis Academy provides a structured and supportive learning environment for independent study students grade levels (K-12). Now with On-site & In-class options.



The Academy Learning Center provides a structured and supportive learning environment for independent study students. Individualized instruction, program coordination, and student-athlete accountability is our primary focus. Students are attending all grade levels (K-12). Traditional school include a modified academic schedule to all for increased tennis training hours.

What We Offer:

• Daily instruction, planning & grading
• Test/SAT & ACT preparation
• Low staff/student ratio
• Counseling services/program referrals
• College applications & recommendations
• Parent-Teacher Conferencing
• Private tutoring by appointment (all subjects)


SHOQ has partnered with three accredited academic programs. For US and international independent study our students attend the Academy Learning Center of Orange County. Students requiring I-20 VISA, and or a traditional classroom curriculum will attend either Anaheim discovery Christian School (NOW ONLINE) or Mater Dei High School.

Multi Curriculum:

• Irvine Home School K/8 (Irvine Residents)
• CHEP (K/8)
• Pacific Coast High School
• Connections Academy (Online Program)
• Laurel Springs (K-12)
• Julian Charter School (K-12)
• Other Independent Study Programs Welcome


SHOQ College Recruiting

SHOQ College Recruiting provides the ideal assistance for talented student-athletes to connect with the right college coaches. Our Priority is to meets the needs of both athletes and coaches for lasting relationship.



The SHOQ Director has been placing players in colleges nation-wide. Our system consist of a comprehensive breakdown of the strengths and weakness of our players. We then design a development plan to increase the competitive level, allowing us to have a higher level of success in finding the best college team fit.

Placement Profile/Resume:

• Player Stats & Bio
• Academic Level & Accomplishments
• Extracurricular Activies / Philanthropy
• Non Family references
• Playing Style
• Past Coach History (Preferred Coaching Style)
• Personality Charateristics


Performance Evaluation Assessment Key: P.E.A.K. is a technical, tactical, mental, and physical evaluation conducted by the SHOQ Director, and head coaches. As a rating based evaluation, all parts of a player’s game is given a score (separated by category – technique, etc.), with all scores compiled to calculate a performance rating.

Phase III Metrics Chart: The second component of our evaluation method is a metrics chart we call PHASE III. When a player is evaluated with P.E.A.K. and an academy performance rating (score) is generated we compare the player’s score, age, and competitive ratings to our chart.

Competitive Edge Plan: After generating a performance rating with our P.E.A.K., and assessing a player’s overall proficiency with our PHASE III chart we move into developing a training plan that pinpoints specific deficiencies, and proficiency in each development category. This systematic approach provides the player with a more efficient way to train and gives coaches clear objectives when planning the day to day drills.


SHOQ College Recruiting Alumni

Academic & Athletic Scholarships:

Academy students and graduates have gone on to top colleges and universities including University of North Carolina, Auburn, Columbia, Yale, Carnegie-Mellon, University of Texas, UCLA, Air Force, Gonzaga, Wesleyan University, Columbia, UC Irvine, USC and Ohio State. Most of these students received academic and/or athletic scholarships.

Colleges Attended:

Joey Brandt Air Force Academy
Hannah Sultze University of Nebraska
Kylie Peek Gonzaga
Cameron Hicks Wesleyan
Cooper Bridge UC Riverside
Hudson Graf Carnegie Mellon
Dante Saleh Auburn
Kevin Lam Texas Tech University

Evan ZhuUCLA
Caleb Chakravarthi U of Illinois
Ali Welliver Columbia
Chris Kearney UNC
Caroline Amos Yale
Karthik Nair Caltech
Amish Nanda University of Redlands
Humzah Shaleel CSUF
Jenna Friedel Harvard

SHOQ Home Style Boarding

SHOQ Tennis Academy is one of the few academies in California to offer the safety and comfort of on-site boarding with 24-hour supervision. SHOQ is located in Fountain Valley, California. (Southern California, 5 miles from Disneyland)



Year-round Activities

SHOQ players experience a balance of hard work and social fun. Additional events include: movies, beaches, SoCal landmarks, amusement parks (Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Six Flags Magic Mountain). Living in SoCal, there is no shortage of interesting venues to experience.



COVID-19 Protocol

All SHOQ players are qualified for a discounted player or family membership. The offer is optional, but gives you an all-access pass to Los Cab facilities and services. For more information, contact us today. Los Cab protocol for Covid-19 is provided in the link below.



SHOQ at Los Cab is an ideal venue for total tennis training, and we are looking to make a substantial impact on junior development for years to come.


SHOQ Tennis Academy is one of the few academies in California to offer full service tennis training for full-time, part-time and camp players.



Being in the heart of Southern California, allows SHOQ players to access competition at every tournament level offered from Pro, ITF, and regional.



The Learning Center at SHOQ provides a structured and supportive learning environment for independent study students grade levels (K-12).


2021 Tennis Academy Calendar

Academy Calendar + Save the date: The SOQ Tennis Academy calendar at a glance. To participate in our upcoming tennis events in California, click here EVENTS >>




2021 Tournament Calendar

Due to Covid-19 our tournament schedule will be contingent upon the when the USTA and CDC resumes competition. In the mean time we are planning to offer ON-SITE Tournaments.

OPEN / NAT. >>

California is host to 100+ Jr. Open tournaments and 20+ National tournaments. SHOQ has players competing weekly.


The Junior ITF and Futures Circuits are strong with 3 Junior ITF, 8+ Futures taking place at SoCal venues.

WTA / ATP >>

California is home to the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, and 8+ Challenger men’s and women’s tournaments.


SHOQ Tennis Academy: INSTAGRAM

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