Monday-Friday / 12pm-6pm / Custom training programs for all players are designed by Kevin Jackson.

SHOQ Tennis Academy offers full-time tennis training with custom training programs that I design for each player.  Academic assistance, college selection assistance, and tournament prep included as well. Our academy is perfect for local, international, boarding and non-boarding tennis players who are looking for college placement or pro career development. Custom training plans are put together after a thorough player evaluation.


All plans include a minimum of 20+ hours on court with at least 2 private lessons weekly, and daily fitness. The full-time sessions are for players I am personally developing. Outside players are welcome to attend for practice matches, and to participate in our drill sessions. Our training day includes: technical and tactical drills, points and sets, mental toughness, and fitness training. Same format for all camps.


Please review the categories below for more details:


I (Kevin Jackson) am the primary coach for private instruction for all players training full-time. Players with outside coaching relationships are welcome, however, all development management is overseen by me.

My first task is to evaluate the player, technically, tactically, mentally, and physically (strength, endurance/stamina, mental resilience). After a thorough evaluation a preliminary plan is designed, and implemented. As a phase two the plan is refined to match the players goal based on their aptitude.


The SHOQ small group sessions are unique in that we don’t take a lot of breaks, and the players are expected to perform at capacity. Most new players don’t expect to be pushed, as most programs in the area not very demanding. Our goal is to work hard daily to achieve a peak performance level. So all players have to contribute the group by putting in the effort.


Our goal is to have the full-time players compete daily with specific goals in mind. We are looking to invite players for matches and sets so our full-time group can play at least 8-10 sets a week. The players will be encouraged to log sets and record observations to begin the process of recognizing patterns of play. I will be reviewing the logs with the players to monitor development habits.


We don’t just talk about fitness we emphasize it. My players are expected to adhere to a rigorous fitness training schedule. A minimum of four days of weekly fitness is part of all full-time player plans. Sessions include flexibility for injury prevention, agility, balance, strength, and speed training.

Additionally, the players will be required to take a quarterly physical exam which includes, blood and genetic analysis, nutrition and supplementation testing, and overall bio-metric evaluations.


Our primary provider is ICL Academy, an accredited online school. ICL Academy makes an innovative and personalized online private school accessible and affordable to all. ICL is the only school that tailors academics to students’ passions with a focus on character, service, and leadership. Individualized instruction, program coordination, and student accountability will be our primary focus. MORE INFO >>

For international players we offer a visa assistance through Anaheim Discovery Christian School. MORE INFO >>


My view of tournament competition is to use it as an measurement of development. Players are encouraged to compete as often as possible, however, as long as it does not interfere with the long term development plan. The full-time players training schedule will allow for competition blocks.

It is my personal belief that most players begin heavy competition schedules too early in their careers, and miss the opportunity for high level skills development. However, Southern California has every tournament level available – Open, National, ITF, WTA, ATP, and UTR tournaments.


Over the years I have had many students transition from junior tennis with colleges scholarships. I’ve established relationships with college coaches all over the country, and I have a reputation for developing players that are an asset to their coaches and teams. My full-time players will be marketed to the schools we select, as we build a solid resume.

Academy students and graduates have gone on to top colleges and universities including TCU, Berkeley, UC Davis, NAU, Quinnipiac, Columbia, Brown, Texas A&M, UCLA, Air Force, Loyola, Alabama, UC Irvine, USC, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, Claremont, Toledo, and Westmont.


Players are invited to get the full camp experience in our supervised On-Site Boarding condos. MORE INFO >>



The SHOQ Tennis path-to-college tennis program is for players who attend independent/online academic programs and traditional high schools playing Jr. Open to National tournaments. Players on a Path-to-College are typically ages 10-22, with the program customized for the specific needs of each player.



Our path-to-pro program involves systematic training designed by Kevin Jackson. The player roster is limited to 4-6 players. Players are typically ages 12-30 years with 5 to 7 years playing experience competing in National to ITF tournaments. This path requires a demanding training schedule, with competition blocks set to complement the training.


We offer full-time boarding and visa assistance for all international tennis students. Our international students obtain their I-20 STUDENT VISAS from the Anaheim Discovery Christian School, a private school located in nearby Anaheim. ADCS has ESL as well as a full curriculum of college preparatory and NCAA–approved coursework. All classes are online to allow for more flexibility for the tennis training program.


ELITE TENNIS TRAINING: Individualized Training Plans, Private Lessons (included), Tournament Circuit & Coaching, Mental Training, and Practice Matches. US COLLEGE TENNIS: Ivy League, Pac-12, SEC, ACC or D2/D3 College Exposure, College Selection, Tournament Schedule Review. VISA ASSISTANCE: I-20 Visa, ON-SITE ACADEMICS, ESL, SAT & ACT Prep, Housing and 24-hour Supervision.


2022 Tennis Academy Calendar

Academy Calendar: The SHOQ Tennis Academy calendar at a glance.




SHOQ Academy Tuition

Customizable training plans available.
US & Int'l
2 Private / Fitness / College Placement / Tour Team / 25+hrs Tennis Training Sessions.
Plus Academics
$49,000 Register >>
US: Academics included / Int'l add $2000 (Academics + Visa)
2 Private / Fitness / College Placement / Tour Team
25+hrs Tennis Training Sessions. No Academics
$25,000 Register >>
US: Academics included / Int'l add $1000 (Academics + Visa)

BOARDING TUITION is prepaid. Tuition is calculated to account for holidays, missed days, and or injury breaks. Unusual circumstances are handled on a case by case basis. This is a 10 month school year schedule, the summer session is not included in the listed tuition. Players attend two (5 month) semesters. First come/first serve basis with limited space available in the dorm. Payment options are allowed with a 4 payment maximum scheduled, with a payment method (credit card) on file. We will extend the monthly sessions to the following month or semester if we experience extreme weather conditions.

25+hrs Tennis Training Sessions. Academics separate.
$2,000mo. Register >>
2 Private / Fitness / College Placement
20+hrs Tennis Training Sessions. Academics separate.
$1,500mo. Register >>
1 Private / Fitness / College Placement
15+hrs Tennis Training Sessions. Academics separate.
$1,250mo. Register >>
1 Private / Fitness / College Placement
10+hrs Tennis Training Sessions. Academics separate.
$1,000mo. Register >>
1 Private / Fitness / College Placement

NON-BOARDING FULL-TIME TUITION will be on semester contracts with a minimum of 50% due upon signing up for a program, with the balance paid monthly. Unusual circumstances are handled on a case by case basis.


Spend summer or your holiday training at SHOQ.

SUMMER & WEEKLY CAMP TUITION is to be paid in full before the first day of camp attendance. All camp packages are non-refundable and expire August 31st. CAMP INFO >>

COVID-19 Protocol

All SHOQ players are required to comply with the facility guidelines while on the grounds and during academy participation. Players are encouraged to wear a mask while entering and exiting the facility. Los Cab protocol for Covid-19 is provided in the link below.

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