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Fitness is a top priority at Jackson-Bridge. If you are not fit, you can’t compete.

We believe that tennis players have to be strong, flexible, agile, quick and durable to be successful in this sport. Although all players will experience training related aches and pains, fitness for injury prevention and the right athletic development plan will keep them in the game. FITNESS FOCUS: Strength training, Static and dynamic stretching, On-court / off-court sprint work, Movement / agility, Body maintenance / physical therapy


From plyometric and flexibility training to free weights and isokinetic workouts. We use what’s necessary for you to reach your goals in tennis. We see vertical, strength, and speed improvement within weeks. Test and retest is a key principle of our tennis fitness program. From overcoming tough workouts to encouragement from our coaches, we build confidence to bring the best out of our athletes.



Dynamic and static stretching utilizes the principle of ground reaction force and mass + momentum to increase the mobility of a joint(s). The goal of stretching is to prepare the body for specific tasks or activities for the individual.


Balance + Agility

Balance is both a movement skill that enhances technique and a conditioning element that can be improved. Agility training drills are designed to work all your leg and core muscles, as well as the tendons in your body.


Strength + Speed

The development of strength and speed is largely dependent on the ability of muscles to contract in the shortest amount of time, the ability to maintain that speed for as long as possible, and the reduction of energy utilization.


Total Tennis Training

Technical: Our technical academy has all coaches participating in player development. Tactical: We train for competition – UTR ladders, team match play, and situational points. Physical: Include flexibility (injury prevention), agility, balance, strength, and speed training. Mental: We consistently work on mental toughness, with mental training classes weekly.

Academy Spotlight

Jackson-Bridge (JBTA) is an elite Full-Time Academy. For more videos follow us on YouTube at Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy >>



Jackson-Bridge at Los Cab is an ideal venue for total tennis training, and we are looking to make a substantial impact on junior development for years to come.


Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy is one of the few academies in California to offer full service tennis training for full-time, part-time and camp players.



Being in the heart of Southern California, allows JBTA players to access competition at every tournament level offered from Pro, ITF, and regional.



The Learning Center at Jackson-Bridge provides a structured and supportive learning environment for independent study students grade levels (K-12).



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