Small group, tournament prep, technical development, footwork and movement drills, and consistency training for future stars.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with two players for 8+ years, both began our relationship when they were 8 years old. They are the inspiration for this much needed program. Eight-to-great is for motivated young players and their parents, who are ready to begin a pro development path.

For years I’ve heard parents tell me they wish we started working together sooner. My attention to detail and years of technical experience has allowed me to accelerate the development process for many of my students. So I’m going all in with this new program. I’m looking for the families who are dedicated, driven, and patient.

I will be designing custom development plans for each player based on aptitude, ability to focus, parent involvement, desire to stay on court, and talent. The team of advisors I’ve enlisted are experts in fitness training, nutrition, bio-metrics, and sports science, as they will be a support and resource along the development path.



Weekly clinics will be offered specifically for the Eight-to-Great players. I will be running these sessions with different development topics introduced and reinforced daily. All programs are on a monthly billing cycle, with custom tuition options based on services selected and private lesson schedules.

• Weekly private training schedule
• Hitting/sparing sessions
• Age appropriate fitness training
• Genetic testing & mapping
• Biomarker & epigenetic testing
• On-site tournament play
• Just-for-fun socials
• Small group intensity training
• Parent support/management training
• Performance evaluations



I (Kevin Jackson) am the primary coach for private instruction for all players training full-time. Players with outside coaching relationships are welcome, however, all development management is overseen by me.

My first task is to evaluate the player, technically, tactically, mentally, and physically (strength, endurance/stamina, mental resilience). After a thorough evaluation a preliminary plan is designed, and implemented. As a phase two the plan is refined to match the players goal based on their aptitude.


The SHOQ small group sessions are unique in that we don’t take a lot of breaks, and the players are expected to perform at capacity. Most new players don’t expect to be pushed, as most programs in the area not very demanding. Our goal is to work hard daily to achieve a peak performance level. So all players have to contribute the group by putting in the effort.


We don’t just talk about fitness we emphasize it. My players are expected to adhere to a rigorous fitness training schedule. A minimum of four days of weekly fitness is part of all full-time player plans. Sessions include flexibility for injury prevention, agility, balance, strength, and speed training.

Additionally, the players will be required to take a quarterly physical exam which includes, blood and genetic analysis, nutrition and supplementation testing, and overall bio-metric evaluations.


My view of tournament competition is to use it as an measurement of development. Players are encouraged to compete as often as possible, however, as long as it does not interfere with the long term development plan. The full-time players training schedule will allow for competition blocks.

It is my personal belief that most players begin heavy competition schedules too early in their careers, and miss the opportunity for high level skills development. However, Southern California has every tournament level available – Open, National, ITF, WTA, ATP, and UTR tournaments.



If you have an exceptional young player, I would like to meet you. Not every player will qualify, however, all players will be evaluated and given a development outline. For the select few that I take as students, I will begin with a trial period to evaluate the players interest level, and then move to a more intensive plan.



The SHOQ Tennis path-to-college tennis program is for players who attend independent/online academic programs and traditional high schools playing Jr. Open to National tournaments. Players on a Path-to-College are typically ages 10-22, with the program customized for the specific needs of each player.



Our path-to-pro program involves systematic training designed by Kevin Jackson. The player roster is limited to 4-6 players. Players are typically ages 12-30 years with 5 to 7 years playing experience competing in National to ITF tournaments. This path requires a demanding training schedule, with competition blocks set to complement the training.


2021 Tennis Academy Calendar

Academy Calendar: The SHOQ Tennis Academy calendar at a glance.






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COVID-19 Protocol

All SHOQ players are required to comply with the facility guidelines while on the grounds and during academy participation. Players are encouraged to wear a mask while entering and exiting the facility. Los Cab protocol for Covid-19 is provided in the link below.

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