Hi All Players and Parents,

In the age of COVID-19, we will be following strict guidelines for at least the next five months:

  1. All players will be assigned a court daily (3 players max. per court) and is where their bags and other belongings will stay. Three player courts will have the two players on the same side at opposite side doubles alleys to maintain 6-8 feet of distance.
  2. All players are welcome to wear a latex gloves on their non-hitting hand during play and on both hands during breaks.
  3. Players will have to stick by the 6-10-foot separation rules at all times, keep their bags away from each other, and eat at a distance from each other.
  4. The player’s cabana will be closed at least through August.
  5. We will have hand sanitizer between courts and players will use it when they feel is necessary or when requested by the coaches during all breaks.
  6. Players and parents should wear masks upon entering the club/facility. We will keep everything wiped down throughout the workouts so that surfaces are clean.
  7. All players will need to give us a schedule for the month of May with days attending and which class times requested. Our classes are going to run from 12 PM to 3 PM, and 3 PM to 6 PM Monday through Friday. Full-time training will go from 12 PM to 6 PM with a lunch break from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM and fitness from 5 PM to 6 PM. We will not have class on Memorial Day.

*Note: Any player not complying with our request to stay adequately separated will be sent home after fair warning.

Although we are extremely excited to get started, we will use a tremendous amount of caution to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for training with us,

SHOQ Director

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