The after school tennis programs at Shoq Tennis Academy feature all developmental elements of tennis.

Our after-school players are divided by level, not age. All sessions include drills, points and sets, consistency hitting drills, and on-court fitness. Players are welcome to attend 2-5 sessions weekly. Private lessons can be added to any program plan. It is our recommendation that all players should practice at least 5 hours a week to get the full benefit of a small group session or private lessons.


Class Times + Options: Training sessions run in 3-hour blocks at 3:00 – 6:00 pm (M-F), and 4:00 – 7:00 pm (M-TH). Players are allowed to attend the time slot that fits their schedule. Each session will be limited to 16 players per session. Missed sessions are not refunded, however, players may attend any day to redeem missed sessions.


Please review the categories below for more details:


I (Kevin Jackson) am the primary coach for private instruction for all players training at SHOQ. Players with outside coaching relationships are welcome. My first task is to evaluate the player, technically, tactically, mentally, and physically (strength, endurance/stamina, mental resilience).

After a thorough evaluation a preliminary plan is designed, and implemented. As a phase two the plan is refined to match the players goal based on their aptitude. I will be accepting players based on space availability and aptitude. If a player is not motivated to work, I will recommend other coaches with available time.


The SHOQ small group sessions are unique in that we don’t take a lot of breaks, and the players are expected to perform at capacity. Most new players don’t expect to be pushed, as most programs in the area not very demanding. Our goal is to work hard daily to achieve a peak performance level. So all players have to contribute the group by putting in the effort.


Our goal is to have the players compete daily with specific goals in mind. We are looking to invite players for matches and sets so our group can play sets weekly. In the event that we are limited on court space we will be doing team singles, half court points, or three player singles, plus doubles, and half court consistency points.


We don’t just talk about fitness we emphasize it. My players are expected to adhere to a rigorous fitness training schedule. Sessions include flexibility for injury prevention, agility, balance, strength, and speed training.

Our after school program will consist of players at varying levels and ages so we will modify the exercises to fit the ability of the players. Any player with physical restrictions is welcome to notify us at any time of their situation.


2022 Tennis Academy Calendar

Academy Calendar: The SHOQ Tennis Academy calendar at a glance.





After School Tuition

After School players can choose from two to five days (3hr) tennis training sessions weekly and add private lessons if desired. Programs at SHOQ are run on a 10-month school year, or 5-month semester basis. The first semester runs from September – January 2022. The second semester runs from February – June 2022.

5 Days (3hr) Tennis Training Sessions.
$1,000mo. Register >>
Tennis Drills, Matches & Fitness Options
4 Days (3hr) Tennis Training Sessions.
$800mo. Register >>
Tennis Drills, Matches & Fitness Options
3 Days (3hr) Tennis Training Sessions.
$600mo. Register >>
Tennis Drills, Matches & Fitness Options
2 Days (3hr) Tennis Training Sessions.
$400mo. Register >>
Tennis Drills, Matches & Fitness Options

Class Times + Options: Tennis training sessions run in two 3-hour blocks at 3:00 – 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday or 4:00 – 7:00 pm Monday thru Thursday. The billing schedule is prepaid for the semester or paid monthly with a credit card on file, billed by the 5th of each month. we offer no make-ups. We will extend the monthly sessions to the following month or semester if we experience extreme weather conditions.


Spend summer or your holiday training at SHOQ.

SUMMER & WEEKLY CAMP TUITION is to be paid in full before the first day of camp attendance. All camp packages are non-refundable and expire August 31st. CAMP INFO >>

COVID-19 Protocol

All SHOQ players are required to comply with the facility guidelines while on the grounds and during academy participation. Players are encouraged to wear a mask while entering and exiting the facility. Los Cab protocol for Covid-19 is provided in the link below.

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